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PRESS RELEASE - January 6, 1993


Contact: Karen Storek Lange

Executive Director

P.O. Box 44226

Tucson, Arizona 85733-4226

Business Office: (602)327-1451

New Parents Network BBS: (602)326-9345

Fax: (602)881-8474


Tucson -- New Parents Network (NPN) has released its first version of software as a further extension of its national information system NPNet. Now hospitals, Universities, public libraries, etc. can set up dedicated computer sites and provide NPN Software to their employees and the population they serve.


New Parents Network, a non-profit organization founded in 1988, created NPNet in 1991 as the nation's only centralized computer databank designed to link all agencies concerned with children and parenting. Files on NPNet include

specifics on product recall, general safety, child care, support groups, disabilities, as well as government programs and crisis information. All social services, support groups and government agencies that assist parents or children are invited to have a file description on NPNet at no cost.


New Parents Network disseminates these educational parenting files through its computer bulletin board system (BBS) network, through the international commercial network Delphi, and now through New Parents Network Software. NPN Software is a powerful tool for institutions to educate the general population that might not have access to a computer and modem (previously the only way to enter into NPNet).


As an example, Tucson Medical Center, a member of the non-profit Voluntary Hospitals of America, is setting up dedicated computers throughout the hospital and installing NPN Software. Through these computer sites, TMC is able to reach all socio-economic levels of the population with vital parenting information, fully utilizing the power of information technology. TMC's innovative program includes computers with NPN Software that are available for maternity patients and their families. Jet printers allow the user to print out documents of interest, and all maternity patients will leave the hospital with a New Parents Network brochure detailing how the parent can maintain contact with NPN for further information once they are home. Additionally, nursing stations throughout the hospital and dedicated locations in lobbies will also carry the software, reaching employees and hospital visitors.


"New Parents Network is a centralized point to gather and disseminate information of great importance to our nation's parents," says Karen Storek Lange, founder and Director of New Parents Network. "Parenting is one of the most challenging experiences in life, and without education and access to simple information we will continue to see the kinds of crises that frequently headline the news. New Parents Network provides an organized link that responds quickly and clearly to parenting needs and concerns. NPNet's evolutionary character is unique because the more it is used the more complete it will become."


New Parents Network urges all social services, support groups and government agencies that assist parents and children to have a complete description of their services on NPNet free of charge. New Parents Network is a non-profit organization that created NPNet as a national information service to all people and agencies concerned with parenting, and relies solely on grants, contributions, corporate underwriting support and revenue from its site licensing program.


New Parents Network was nominated by U.S. Robotics, Inc. for a 1992 Computerworld Smithsonian Award, given to organizations that are using computer technology for the betterment of mankind.