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Multilingual Parenting Lessons

Tuesday, April 02, 2002

Contact Information:
Karen Storek
New Parents Network
P.O. Box 64237
Tucson, AZ 85728
(520) 327-1451
(520) 881-7104 fax email web site

Tucson – New Parents Network, a non-profit organization and a pioneer in using technology to disseminate parenting information, has created a free, non-commercial Internet site giving local-to-Tucson and universal parenting information in English, Spanish and the language of the Pascua Yaqui tribe.

Home computer users can now log onto and benefit from a wealth of information, however the site is intended to reach Public Health Nurses and hospital doctors and nurses too, so that the people they serve can benefit.

“We have created a one-of-a-kind web site that provides multi-media parenting information specifically for health care providers, so that they can have access to ‘one stop shopping’ for important Tucson services and universal information, all in a non-commercial environment” says Ms. Karen Storek, CEO and Founder of New Parents Network.  Examples of the parenting information available on the web site are:  how to put your baby to bed in a safe crib, poison control tips, never shake a baby, and how to report a child or infant in a car without a car seat or seat belt.  The uniqueness of the site is that it gives a parenting message in many formats, such as simple and complex text, photos, audio sound bytes, video and poster formats.

All social services and government agencies helping parents and children in Tucson, and around the world, are invited to submit their agency descriptions and any educational information to the web site free of charge, giving New Parents Network the capacity of evolving into the world’s largest repository of public domain, multi-lingual, multi-media parenting information.

“This is so exciting, because New Parents Network has created a prototype that can be duplicated not only throughout Arizona, but throughout the world,” says Ms. Storek.  “Tucson is going to make a huge difference in the world since we are the first community to prototype this type of service.”

Since 1988 New Parents Network has pioneered programs to help Southern Arizona’s families and health care providers, and has received tremendous national media attention and recognition, including a 1991 ComputerWorld Smithsonian award nomination for its Computer Bulletin Board System prior to public access to the Internet.

New Parents Network is in the midst of a campaign to raise close to $200,000 to expand the web site into a fully functional site that will host all Tucson parenting information.  For more information, please call Ms. Karen Storek at 327-1451.

 All contributions, grants and corporate sponsorships are tax deductible.

New Parents Network also has a Public Service Announcement campaign giving simple, but often life saving, parenting tips on KVOA, television channel 4 in Southern Arizona.