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Easter Seals Blake Foundation - services for children with disabilities and their families

Children's Services

Early Intervention Programs

Children birth to three years with developmental challenges and their families are provided a continuum of diagnostic and therapeutic service models designed to enhance the child's social/emotional, motor, cognitive, language, and self help development.

National Down Syndrome Society

Comprehensive information on Down Syndrome including research, advocacy, information, and local support groups.

Excellent information about support for expectant and new parents of Down syndrome babies.

If you would like to speak to an information specialist at the National Down Syndrome Society (Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm EST) call 1-800-221-4602.

Quality time with the family for dinner

Oh, boy. Here it comes again. The usual time of the year when you say you are going to trim down on both the junk food and where it ends up on the waistline.

The idea is as important as ever. But with America rediscovering the importance of family life, why not get everyone at home involved in the New Year's resolutions together? As the new year begins, try a new tactic to improve eating habits and the amount of time you spend with the family.