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Northwest Medical Center - community education

Community Education

Northwest Medical Center is proud to offer the following community outreach programs, support groups and prenatal classes.

For more information on community outreach and to register for prenatal classes, call 544-2000.
Community Outreach

* Mom's Night Out
* Red Hot Mamas
* Healthy Living

Support Groups

* Breast Feeding Support Group
* Mother to Mother

Prenatal Classes

Support and information for child support, family conciliation court, mediation and legal aid

Telephone numbers of programs that can help you with child support, legal aid, etc.

Family Center of the Conciliation Court 740-5590
Child Support 740-3250
Marriage Licenses 740-3292
Arizona Attorney General- Child Support Enforcement 622-7000
Judicial Supervision Program 327-4583
Parent Information Program 1-800-767-8193
KidsCare Medical & Dental Insurance Program 1-877-764-5437
Lawyers Referral 623-4625
Southern Arizona Legal Aid 623-9461
Pima County Bar Association 623-8258
State Bar of Arizona - Tucson 623-9944