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Tucson help and information about postpartum depression

Postpartum depression is the most common complication of childbirth.

It can impact 10-25% of families through a variety of potentially harmful outcomes that include: severe depression or anxiety for the mother during and after pregnancy, strained relationships, impaired attachment and bonding with the infant, and developmental impairments for the child.

Although readily identifiable through simple screening tools, postpartum depression is not diagnosed in at least 50% of the women who suffer. It is readily treatable through a variety of modalities that include support groups, psychotherapy, and medication.

Tucson is one of the most proactive communities in the nation for postpartum depression offering several free weekly support groups, and a Coalition of concerned health care professionals actively engaged in improving awareness, education and resources for families.

Following 2 years of actively screening postpartum women and offering two free weekly PPD support groups, one for Spanish speakers and one for English speakers, Carondelet St. JosephŸ??s Hospital hosted the first Coalition meeting in 2005 to introduce the urgency required in addressing the needs of our community to provide access to care and education. Anyone concerned that they may be suffering from PPD or those with family members for which they are concerned can call the HOPE Project at Carondelet St. JosephŸ??s Hospital at 873-6858. There is also an AZ WARMLINE for PPD. Volunteers are women who have suffered with PPD and offer support and resource information. Calls are returned between 9A and 9P daily: 520-325-MOMS (6667) or toll-free: 888-434-MOMS (6667). PPD support groups in Tucson meet at Carondelet St. JosephŸ??s Hospital, Tucson Medical Center and Northwest Medical Center and are all open to anyone in the community.