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Raising a healthy kid - tips for raising children in a materialistic world

A Cornucopia Kid:
* Demands only the best and most expensive things
* Needs constant attention and excitement
* DoesnŸ??t follow through on projects
* Needs to be accepted by others at any cost

The Dangers Of Raising Cornucopia Kids:
Cornucopia Kids may:
* Not be ready for the real world
* Have expectations that are too high
* Give up too easily or not even try

Cornucopia Kids May Believe:
* I get whatever I want from my parents.
* I donŸ??t have to listen to anybody
* ItŸ??s OK to demand or make a scene to get what I want.

To Raise A Healthy Child:
* Give fewer things.
* Give more time to teaching values and skills that will help children succeed in life.
* Give regular chores and responsibilities.
* Insist on kindness and respect for others.
* Teach children to complete projects. It gives them pride for a job well done!
* Let children face the results of their actions. You donŸ??t need to fix everything!
* Teach that mistakes are OK! Mistakes help us learn.
* Help kids learn the value of money. Encourage saving and comparing prices.
* Teach that hard work brings rewards. Work on a project together. Be patient and supportive.