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Preventing mental health problems - tips for parents

ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILD TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR HIS/HER BEHAVIOR. We do not control others. We can only influence others to want to change their behavior.

ESTABLISH AN ATMOSPHERE OF MUTUAL RESPECT BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR CHILD. Children respond more positively when adults are consistent, honest, open and supportive.

DETERMINE THE BEHAVIOR OR EVENTS THAT TAKE PLACE BEFORE AND AFTER UNWANTED OR UNDESIRABLE BEHAVIORS. It is important to identify the things in the environment which set off or positively reinforce the childŸ??s inappropriate behavior.

ESTABLISH CONSEQUENCES THAT ARE NATURAL AND/OR LOGICAL AND APPLY THE CONSEQUENCES OBJECTIVELY (WITHOUT ANGER). If the consequence for the child is to sit and think for 15 minutes, to also yell in anger or to spank the child will destroy the effect of the learning process.

PERMIT THE INDIVIDUAL TO MAKE HIS CHOICES AND TO LIVE WITH THE CONSEQUENCES. If the individual makes the choice, then the outcome should rest with the one making the choice. When the parent accepts the consequence, then the parent denies the child the opportunity to grow and mature.

MAKE CERTAIN EACH OF YOUR CHILDREN IS A VALUED CONTRIBUTOR. Maturation demands that everyone is treated as a full-fledged member of the family.