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Pima County Parks and Recreation Department

We have a diverse collection of properties and programs that provide opportunities to develop healthy bodies and minds while protecting many of the region's most significant natural and cultural resources. By working in partnership with our community, we achieve the public's quest for high quality experiences. Natural resource parks include some of southern Arizona's most significant mountain ranges, perennial streams and springs, and diverse plant and wildlife habitat. Enjoy hiking, biking, birding and camping, or participate in an environmental education class. Cultural resources sites span thousands of years of history, ranging from prehistoric Native American petroglyphs to some of Arizona's earliest ranches.

Hike the same trail used by early Spanish settlers on their trek to establish the modern day city of San Francisco, California. Park sites offer facilities for organized sports as well as passive recreation. Whether it is a league or impromptu ball game, a day of swimming or picnicking, or the celebration of a special occasion, we have the facility to meet your needs. Recreation programs provide an opportunity to learn new, or enhance existing skills. Our activities include visual and performing arts, crafts and physical fitness.

Programs are designed to serve all age groups from preschoolers to seniors. Attractions offered by Pima County Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation, through operational agreements with private organizations, provide a broad array of recreational and interpretive opportunities. Learn about plants and wildlife found in our surrounding desert and "sky islands" at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. See 200 vintage aircraft and board John F. Kennedy's Air Force One at the Pima Air and Space Museum. Descend into Colossal Cave, watch a movie being filmed at Old Tucson Studios, or stand next to an actual 103-foot tall, deactivated nuclear Titan Missile. We have something for everyone.

Enjoy your visit!