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Newborn screening - disease and hearing screening for newborns

Office of Women's and Children's Health
Newborn Screening

What is the.... Newborn Screening Program?
The goal of the Newborn Screening Program is to identify and help Arizona babies who have certain rare, inherited diseases or hearing loss. A newborn may appear healthy, but still have a serious disease that cannot be seen. Fortunately, most babies are healthy when they are born. When a baby has certain rare health problems, we can help prevent serious results like mental retardation or death if the problem is found early.  

New blood tests allow us to find more diseases than ever before. Arizona will increase the number of diseases tested over the next year and a half. The Arizona Department of Health Services will test for 28 diseases plus hearing loss. The diseases were chosen because they are ones where early identification and treatment could make a big difference in a baby's life.