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Mental Health Association of Arizona

Consumer Services

These programs provide information, referral, socialization and friendship opportunities for persons with a serious mental illness as well as homeless children. Implemented by trained volunteers, these programs prevent depression, suicide and hospitalization while encouraging independence.

* Information & Referral
* Compeer (mentoring for adults)
* Peer Support Groups

Community Education
Through media, literature, seminars, screenings, and collaboration with agencies and businesses, MHA shares information to help individuals learn about mental illness and behavioral health problems and to erase stigma. These programs promote wellness and increase public awareness about the prevalence of mental illnesses, available treatments, community resources and programs.

* O.P.T.I.O.N.S. (Offering Parents & Teens Information on Needless Suicide)
* Campaign for America's Mental Health
* Outreach Partnership Program (NIMH)
* Behavioral Health and Aging Coaltion (statewide coalition chaired by MHA)
* Healthy Women for a Lifetime (coalition for the health of post-menopausal women)

Public Policy & Advocacy
# MHA leads efforts that promote positive legislation and impact public and private attitudes. MHA strives to affect policies that benefit children and adults with a mental illness or a behavioral health disorder. Insurance Parity
# Legislative Agenda