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Learn the warning signs of preterm labor


PREVENT YOUR BABY FROM BEING BORN TOO SOON RISKS: Have you had a premature baby? Are you pregnant with more than one baby? Have you every gone into labor too early? If so, watch for these warning signs of preterm labor:

* Regular contractions which happen more than 2 in 20 minutes. These may be painless.

* Menstrual like cramps or cramping in bowels with or without diarrhea.

* Dull, low backache, different from what you normally feel.

* Pelvic pressure which feels as though the baby is pushing down.

* Vaginal discharge that has suddenly increased. It may be mucousy, watery or lightly bloody.

* A general feeling that something is not right. If you have any of these warning signs, please call your doctor or health care provider immediately. Information from the March of Dimes.