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El Rio/Tucson Midwives care during pregnancy with classes and followup

Rosenbaum Family - Tucson, AZ

Studies consistently show that women who choose care with Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM) have overall healthier pregnancies; including statistically fewer c-sections, fewer premature babies, and higher birth weights. Women rate the personalized care they receive from their midwife as the number one reason they would recommend the same care to all of their friends and family members.

Empowering our clients through education and individualized care leads to an enhanced feeling of ease as women experience the transition into motherhood. Our continuation of care in the Ÿ??4th trimesterŸ? through post-partum visits and weekly Mother-Baby Parenting Classes allows women to build their confidence in their role as a caretaker of a brand new life.

We are very fortunate that Tucson is blessed to have not just one but two Certified Nurse-Midwifery practices. In addition, our own Birth Center offers families a place for out of hospital birth and the option of a peaceful Waterbirth! The Birth and Women's Health Center and El Rio Health Center Midwives provide care for not only pregnant women, but women throughout all stages of their lifetime. Midwives give sensitive, confidential and personalized gynecological care; ranging from a womanŸ??s first annual exam to menopausal care, birth control to family planning.

We accept a wide range of commercial health insurance plans, AHCCCS and offer reduced fees for women without health insurance.
Birth and Women's Health Center 795-9912
El Rio Midwives 670-3870