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Children with AIDS Project

The nature of our service
We recruit families to adopt HIV children, AIDS Orphans and drug addicted infants and refer them to private homes and public adoption agencies around the United States.
Additionally, we locate HIV infants and children as well as AIDS Orphans, who need homes, from all over the United States. A new project is the Africa AIDS Orphans Project which will initially address the needs of the millions of HIV infected, affected and orphaned children of Africa.
Both recruited families and children data is maintained on our in-house computer .
A computer database is also maintained on a number of families around the country who are caring for these children. The purpose of this database is to maintain a 'Warmline' between these families.

Other services we provide
We provide a database of national resources pertaining to adoption, foster care, respite, children with AIDS and drug abandoned babies.
We also have a Speaker Bureau for local and national workshops, seminars and conventions.
The CWA Project provides a complete referral service.
We can provide direct client services and financial support networked with other support groups.
The Children with AIDS Project is instrumental in providing AIDS education for children, families, teen and in-service presentations for health-care professionals, social workers, small and large business.
We provide AIDS advocacy support.
Legal referral services throughout the United States (Pro Bono) for families adopting or caring for children with AIDS, AIDS Orphans or drug addicted infants.

CWA Project Results
To date, we have recruited over 2,000 families, certified to adopt, representing all 50 states and 3 foreign countries.
Through these efforts we have assisted a large number of infants in finding loving, caring, permanent homes.
We now have an office in downtown Phoenix, AZ which houses our national office and also is our focal point for community education, client services and outreach programs.

Eligibility Criteria
We will respond to anyone who is interested in any matters pertaining to HIV children, AIDS Orphans and drug addicted infants.

Who are we Looking For?
We recruit traditional couples, non-traditional couples, single parents and older couples to be adoptive or foster parents for the children.
At the same time, we locate abandoned HIV infants and AIDS orphans through private and public hospitals, private and public health organizations, social work, and adoption agencies.
We serve the State of Arizona and the other 49 states, Canada, and the Africa AIDS orphans.

Our Fees
The Children With AIDS Project does not charge any fees for services. There may be occasional fees other referral agencies charge for their services.