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Activities to do with your baby and checklist


Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies

Your Baby Needs a Loving, Caring Parent

Ÿ?? Establish a routine in caring for your baby Ÿ?? Be Consistent.
Ÿ?? Keep your babyŸ??s immunizations up-to-date.
Ÿ?? Schedule well baby check-ups at 2, 4, 6, 12 & 18 months.
Ÿ?? Hold your baby and tell them they are loved.
Ÿ?? Never, never, never shake your baby.

Activities for You and Your Baby

Ÿ?? Smile and respond to the sounds your baby makes.
Ÿ?? Talk to your baby as though they can understand.
Ÿ?? Provide your baby with different textures to feel and patterns to see.
Ÿ?? Read and sing to your baby.
Ÿ?? Spend time with your baby outside the house.
Ÿ?? Let your baby know you are there whenever they cry.
Ÿ?? Hug your baby when they are sad or hurt.

Remember Ÿ?? Your baby learns from you!! Enjoy your baby!!

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